23 Important Tips On How To Save Water During This Dry Summer

We’ve had no significant rainfall in the Lower Mainland for over 5 weeks, and these drought conditions are not going to improve within the foreseeable future. The reality is that we are rapidly moving into never seen before drought conditions.  So the message is clear – it’s time to reduce the use of water!

Being conscious about water usage can go a long way, and here are a few tips that can be easily fitted into your lifestyle and practiced every day:


Limit your shower from say 5 minutes to 2 minutes, just that action alone can help conserve hundreds of litres of water per month.

Flush the toilet less often.

Don’t run the water while brushing your teeth or shaving.


Avoid rinsing dirty dishes.

Don’t run a dishwasher half empty. Fill it up and then run it.

Wash fruits and vegetables in a pot of water, rather than running them under a faucet.

Defrost food in the refrigerator, rather than running under the faucet.

Soak stubborn pots overnight.


Make sure your washer has a full load every time you use it.

Garden and plants

Adding organic matter to the soil improves the structure which helps retain moisture.

Using mulch on flowerbeds and hanging baskets prevents moisture from evaporating during hot spells.

Collect the water you use to rinse your fruits and vegetables and water the house plants with it.

Shorten the lawn watering time on days you are allowed to water the lawn and plants and do this at night when there is less evaporation.

Here are some long-term fixes:


Install a water saving showerhead and it will lower your household water consumption considerably.

Install a flow restrictor to reduce the amount of water your shower emits.

Repair all leaking faucets.

Consider installing a water system that recycles water for the bath, shower, and basin to flush toilets and or feed the garden.

Fit an efficient dual flush toilet. By using the half flush option, you can save a lot of water.


Install a water tap aerator that may reduce your water wastage by half.

Chose an eco-friendly dishwasher.


Plant flowers that need less water.

Consider collecting rainwater to water the garden when required.

Invest in an automated irrigation system that allows water to drip or trickle on a programmed timer.

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