5 Reasons To List With A Realtor Who Is An Expert In Your Building

So you want to sell your apartment. Of course you would like your property to be sold at the highest possible price within the shortest period of time. If you did not have a realtor in mind, how would you choose the right one to sell your property?

The answer is simple – from the 12,000 or so realtors available in Vancouver, use the realtor who has expertise and experience with your building, i.e. one who has previously listed and sold units in that particular building.

Realtors do not become experts on a particular property just by chance. It takes years of listing experience, a large sales team, backed by marketing experts and support from an admin staff that understands the real estate business. They have a past track record of sales and are therefore trusted by sellers to perform.

There are huge advantages (listed below) in using a realtor who has previously listed and sold units in your building, as opposed to one who has not.

  1. Has a very accurate picture of the property’s market value
    You may have a figure in your mind as to how much you’d want to sell your apartment for, based on anecdotal evidence. But this is not how one determines the selling price, as there are a lot of factors to be taken into account. A realtor with previous familiarity and sales experience in the building will be able to come up with a confident and realistic price.
  2. Will know how to prepare your apartment from past experience
    Having sold previous apartments in the building, the realtor will know exactly how to prepare the apartment for sale, what features to highlight and what needs and does not need immediate attention. This familiarity and experience is very important especially when it comes to giving a favorable first impression to the prospective buyer.
  3. Ability to sell quicker than most others due to familiarity of the property and a client database.
    When realtors are active with a particular complex, they get noticed by the current occupants. Some may want to downsize or move into a bigger apartment in the future. They may also be contacted by friends or family for up coming vacant apartments in the building. Many of the occupants register with the realtor for future consideration, thus giving the realtor a list of valuable prospects. When a realtor does a number of sales in the property, his name becomes synonymous with the property, both internally and externally which is a positive factor.
  4. Thorough knowledge of the surrounding location.
    A very important aspect of buying and selling a property is to study and understand the surrounding location well – the prices of similar properties, the amenities available, the long term resale value vis-a-vis similar properties in the area, any planned developments that could affect the value of your property, etc. Through extensive research, the expert realtor will be well versed in knowing all the relevant factors and will be able to give you up to date and practical information.
  5. Has a comprehensive marketing plan.
    With past marketing experience involved in selling the units, the realtor will know what marketing tools were effective and worked and what did not. This could result in your unit being sold at a better price and quicker than would have otherwise been the case.

Our expertise in the Vancouver real estate market and the luxury real estate market, has made us experts in many Vancouver luxury properties. Here are some of the iconic buildings in which we have had considerable buying and selling activity:

  1. Vancouver House
  2. Laguna Parkside
  3. Musee
  4. The Grace
  5. Fairmont Pacific Rim
  6. Shangri-La
  7. Cardero by Bosa
  8. Harbour Green
  9. Erickson
  10. The Arc
  11. Shaw Tower

If you want to list your unit, please contact us and one of our experienced real estate professionals will consult with you.

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