6 Great Tips To Ensure That Your Garden Will Stay Healthy This Summer

Winter is behind us and it’s finally spring-time! Now is the time to start working on your garden, because the work you do now will ensure your garden stays healthy well into the summer.

Keep watering your lawn

Of all the things your lawn needs, water is the most important.  The mistake many people make is that they water often, but not for long periods of time. The roots of your lawn will go where the water is. So the deeper your water goes, the deeper the roots develop. Deeper roots are more resistant to drought conditions.

Generally, you need to water for an inch of water a week, and in the summer months a little more. The rule of thumb is that most sprinklers water a quarter of an inch an hour, so to get the best effect for your lawn, keep the sprinkler on for at least 4 hours a week.

Fertilize your lawn

Fertilizer is not a food source, as many people think it is. Photosynthesis is where the grass gets its food from. The fertilizer provides the nutrients that enable the grass to photosynthesize. It provides nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium.

Your lawn needs to be fertilized in the spring. If you live in warmer climates, you need to fertilize in the summer as well, when the grass is really stressed, and if you live in cooler climates, you need to fertilize in the spring and fall.

Add some mulch

Mulching has a lot of advantages for your garden. Once you water the garden, it will keep the water in, it prevents weeds from growing and it is also very decorative. Mulching really helps retain moisture in the hot summer months, preventing evaporation.

Loosen the soil

Now is the time to start loosening the soil if you a re planning on planting. The more compact the soil is, the harder it will be for nutrients and water to get down to the roots, where they are needed the most. You can also add peat moss and compost to make the soil more robust.

Your lawn also needs to be aerated. Again as the soil gets loosened, it allows the nutrients and water to get deeper to the roots.

Removing weeds

The key to weeding is to get ahead of it before it becomes a problem. The more healthy your grass is the less likely that you will have a weed problem in the first place.

Tune up your lawn mower

Before you start mowing your lawn give your lawn mower a tune up – change the oil, change the fuel, and very important  – sharpen the blades!

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