Are You A Homeowner? Don’t Make These Mistakes During The Summer

If you are a homeowner, summer does not mean lazy days relaxing in the garden or lying on the hammock reading a book. Summer requires continuous work on your property to ensure it stays well maintained and problem-free over the long term.

Here are areas that you must always be working on:

The roof

Winds, gale force winds and thunderstorms that are typically associated with summer, can put your home at risk of considerable damage. Once the rough weather has passed, it is important to check your roof for loose, torn or warped shingles that may lead to roof leaks and water damage.


Don’t neglect the gutters. Heavy downpours and winds can blow debris and leaves, which can ultimately obstruct your gutters, making your home vulnerable to expensive damage. To enable your gutters to drain away storm water at all times, consider cleaning them twice a year. Alternatively, you can install a storm drainage system that requires no maintenance.

Exterior sidings

Over the summer months, dirt, mold and pollen steadily accumulate on your home sidings. While a dirty siding may lessen the curb appeal of your home,  these surface imperfections can ultimately shorten the lifespan of your siding material. Using a pressure hose periodically to remove the accumulated gunk is a good idea.


It is easier in the summer to repair cracked, crumbling or chipping concrete before it worsens. While this can be done in the fall or winter, the cold weather makes it more difficult to guarantee a satisfying result. Resurfacing gives the paved area a new look, and if you just want to disguise the repair, a latex or epoxy-patching compound should do the job.

Pest control

Insect activity always ramps up due to the warm weather. Unpleasant as they may be, the threat imposed by household pests is usually benign. However, there are some critters such as termites, who pose a genuine threat. You need to take necessary measures to prevent an infestations: keep the attic and basement well ventilated, make sure there is an adequate gap between solid and wood portions of the home and seal all cracks in the foundation.

HVAC Filter

Your air conditioner works continuously over the summer months. In order to keep cooling costs low and the unit running smoothly, check the HVAC filter on a regular basis. This can be done at least once a month if you live with a smoker or own pets.

Whether you are listing a condo or a luxury home, we can help. Our experienced real estate professionals are available to assist you in making the transaction as stress free as possible. Contact us by email or call us on 604 913 1000.

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