Are You Making Cherry Blossom Viewing Plans? Here’s 5 Places To Check Them Out On The North Shore.

We are blessed to have approximately 43,000 beautiful cherry blossoms in our city. But these flowers do have a peak blooming time, and each tree blossoms for about 2 weeks. It is estimated that this year’s peak bloom will take place later than usual, from April 17th to the 20th.

While the North Shore does not have a festival to celebrate this event, there are still popular spots to catch some cherry blossom action. So here are some spots you can visit and take a selfie to see spring in full effect.

  • In North Vancouver at the bottom of Lonsdale, at Waterfront Park and throughout the Shipyards District, there are almost too many to count.
  • In West Vancouver, just off John Lawson Park, there are lovely trees close to Ambleside Pier on Argyle Avenue.
  • Also in West Vancouver at Memorial Park, there are a few particularly stoic cherry blossoms.
  • On Taylor Way in West Vancouver, on the grass Island at the entrance to the British Properties, there are 2 rows of eye catching cherry blossoms with their vibrant colors.
  • In North Vancouver, at the Tempe Park neighborhood of Upper Lonsdale , there are some spectacular cherries and street trees.

You can check out the details of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival which has dedicated events and neighborhood tours in the Metro Vancouver area, allowing you to get the best views.

To learn about each variety and peak bloom times in Vancouver, you can visit the cultivars timetable.

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