Are You Using Property Management Software To Manage Your Property Effectively?

There are a lot of “off the shelf” property management software packages available on the market, and many can be custom tailored to fit your organization without the need for complex programming.

Property management software can help you in the accounting, management, leasing, and operations of your property and can help streamline the tenant management process. It frees up time for management to focus on more important aspects such as tenant search and ways to improve the business, by automating routine tasks.

6 Advantages of using property management software

Free up your time to concentrate on the bigger picture
Property management software can automate many of the day to day or month end tasks such as invoicing, bulk expensing, sending arrears notices and receipts, handling maintenance requests and tenant communications, etc. This will allow you to focus on more important activities such as ways of improving the business, obtaining new tenants, and acting on opportunities.

Ease of information flow
Once information is entered into the preopery management software, you will have unrestricted and easy access to important dates, records, and deadlines. The software is cloud based, and most reputable companies offering this software use enterprise-grade security measures to ensure all your data is protected.

Cost savings
Automating your systems using property management software ensures that you save time and money by working more efficiently. Not only will you have easy access to your information, you will also save money as once you leverage the software properly, you will be able to handle more tasks and properties without the need of adding more staff.

Get real time reporting
Once all the relevant information is correctly loaded into the property management software and regularly updated, you will have instant access to how your business is doing in real time. You will be able to gauge how well your business is operating, as you will have current and up-to-date data on performance, tenants, creditors etc.

Tenant participation
Another advantage of property management software is that tenants can access various features. Tenants can access their rental history, set up automatic rental payments, send maintenance requests and get property information directly without any staff or management involvement.

Access to prospective tenants
Prospective tenants interested in the property can access pictures and information via the website and have easy access to application forms, terms, and policies.

Our experienced team of property management experts are always happy to help rental property owners with any questions. Considering getting a professional property management company to manage your property? Contact us or call on 604 913 1000.

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