How To Protect Your Home Against Basement Flooding

Did you know that water damage is the leading cause of home insurance claims in Canada, and flooded basements are where most of the water damage occurs? By taking some basic precautions both inside the home and outside, you can help protect against unwanted water and reduce the impact of flooding.

Here are a few simple steps that will make a difference:

Properly seal basement windows and install window well covers

This will prevent water from filling window wells and flow through cracks around the windows.

Repair any cracks in the foundation walls

These type of cracks can let in rain or snow. When it snows make sure you shovel the snow at least 3 feet from the foundation wall.

Remove debris from the nearby storm drains

Garbage, leaves and snow can clog the drain and cause water to back up onto your property.

Keep your sewer pipe well maintained

A well maintained sewer pipe will help make sure that sewage flows away from your home and not back into it. Also keep oils, fats and grease out of your sink to prevent clogging.

Install a backwater valve

Installing this will prevent wastewater from entering your home during a storm or severe weather.

Install a sump pump and pit

A sump pump will collect water from the foundation exterior and pump it further away.

Keep paths to the floor drains clear

By keeping the drains free from any obstruction, water will have an easy path to escape.

Install water detecting sensors

A water alarm will detect leaks before costly water damage occurs. They can detect as little as 1/32 in of water and produce a loud alarm.

Keep your valuables in waterproof containers

Storing your electronics and other valuable possessions on shelves off the floor will prevent damage and loss should there be a flood of water.

Flood protection means protecting your home and your belongings. Water can damage irreplaceable family treasures, like your wedding album or that well-loved comic book collection. Using the above tips, you will have properly defended your basement and won’t need to worry about the things that matter most.

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