Luxury Brand Appliances – Part 1 : Advantages Of Owning Them

You use your appliances, especially your kitchen appliances, every day. They have a direct impact on your quality of life, so it is important that they function well, and have the technology and features that actually fit your life and life style. Luxury brand appliances, especially kitchen ones, are gaining popularity with homeowners especially when it comes to remodeling. Here is why:

Give your home a better resale value

When it comes to selling your luxury home, discerning buyers have high standards of what quality of appliances and finishes they expect to see in a home, and are more likely to appreciate a home with quality luxury brand appliances than one with regular “run-of-the-mill” appliances. Luxury brand kitchen appliances are not only durable and better functioning, they will give your kitchen an added touch of luxury, making it more attractive to the potential homebuyer.

Longer lasting

Luxury brand appliances use superior quality materials for a higher quality of performance and are built to last for up to 20 years, while economy brands seldom reach that level of longevity. As they are generally well built to last, you will not have to worry about replacing them for many years to come.

Better customer service

You are spending more money on high-end appliances, so the companies that sell them ensure that their customer service is on par with the excellent products they sell. When you contact the company for whatever reason, you will not be “bounced around” all over the company directory, but quickly get access to a live person who will be an expert and give you a more personalized and professional service.

More customization options

Just like luxury cards, luxury brand appliances can be tailored to fit your needs. They have sleek designs, customized hardware options with elegant finishes, making the appliance easily blend in with your existing home.

Save you money

In the long run, if you factor in maintenance and replacement costs and the extra inconvenience of replacing the cheaper model, the extra cost of the luxury appliance is mitigated. These high-end appliances use the latest technology that makes them energy efficient, and their longevity will end up saving you money.

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