Planning on Moving? Here’s How to Find the Best Moving Company

Moving is stressful and expensive. Everyone has had at least one bad moving experience in his or her lives. The best way to prevent the stress that comes with moving, is to chose the right moving company that will make your move flawless. This comes with a fair amount of research and preparation.

A lot of extremely useful information can be found in the Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA) website We strongly advise you to visit this website and carefully read and follow their checklists and advice. This document was prepared by a multi-stakeholder working group consisting of government, business, and consumer group representatives and academics, under the leadership of the Office of Consumer Affairs, Industry Canada.

One of the best ways of finding a good moving company is through the referral process. If you have had friends/relatives that have moved in the past year, ask them about the moving company they used and get their feedback on how the move fared.

Your real estate professional will also be able to give you some very useful recommendations. Realtors typically keep in touch with their clients after the sale/purchase of the home. They can always ask for moving referrals.

Once you have made a shortlist of moving companies, go online and read reviews about them. Every moving company wants your business and many will promise you the earth to get your business. Read about them online to get an idea on how genuine their promises are.

It is absolutely true that quality doesn’t always come cheap. If you are looking for professional, quality movers, expect to pay. It would be a real pity if you have spent a lot of time and effort doing your research and then settled for simply the best deal that is out there.

If you are expecting to move between June and September, which is the busiest moving season in Canada, its best to get busy making your enquiries now, as moving companies are not as busy.
Planning a move? Contact us and we can advise you. Please fill out this form, visit one of our offices, or call 604-913-1000. We will be glad to be of any assistance to you.

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