Real Burglars and Home Invaders Sharing Their Secrets On Where They Strike and How You Can Avoid Becoming A Target.

When it comes to securing our homes we all think we are doing the right thing by buying expensive alarm systems, installing security cameras, putting our lights on timers, etc. But does any of that really scare the burglars away? Not really, according to a ground breaking survey done on convicted burglars and home invaders serving a prison sentence.

What they shared will probably make you think twice about how you are securing your home. Below are important takeaways that will give you perspective from a burglar’s point of view.

What makes your home a target?
An overflowing mailbox and a clutter of newspapers on the driveway are signals that there is no one home. Get a neighbour or friend to periodically check on your mailbox and retrieve newspapers if you are away.

The absence of a car in the drive way is a sign that the owner is not home. If you have a spare car in the garage, park it outside during the day. Even if you are not at home, the presence of a parked car will be enough to give a potential burglar a doubt that someone could be home.

Unlocked doors and windows allow a burglar to gain easy access to your home. So many owners leave their windows open during the day while they are at work. Ensure that you lock up your windows and doors once you leave home.

What time do burglars usually strike?
Normally after 8am in the morning as everyone has gone to work and the kids are at school, and before 3pm as parents are returning back from school with their kids.

Contrary to popular beliefs, most burglaries are done during the day and very few during the night.

Take comfort that 75% of the thieves surveyed said that they would leave immediately if they found someone at home. It’s the other 25% you should be worried about!

Do alarm systems work?
Not really, according to most burglars surveyed. Alarm systems alert the burglar that there is no one at home. When an alarm goes off, it usually takes a few minutes before help is on the way: A burglar can be in and out within 2 minutes, and by the time the security company or police arrive, the burglar has disappeared with some of your valuables.

Do security cameras deter a burglar?
It’s easy to put a mask on or block your face with your arm so that the security camera cannot detect your face. A common perception among burglars is that if people have money for security cameras, then there is something they have that they are protecting.

What are the safest deterrents to prevent burglars?
Having a neighbour watch your home was highly touted as a very effective way of protecting your home. Burglars generally avoid streets where there are active neighbourhood watches.

Dogs are a great deterrent too. Hearing a dog barking through the door will force the burglar to skip the house and move to the next one.

If you have any questions on this topic or any other that we have been extensively writing about, contact us and we can give you more insight.

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