Showcase and Protect Your Home, with Beautiful Exterior Lighting

Just as lighting is important inside your home, lighting the outside of your home is equally – if not more important. Exterior lighting can make your home look beautiful and highlight the architectural features in the evening.

Aside from aesthetics, safety and security of your home, a properly designed outdoor lighting system can give you and your guests added security and peace of mind when entering and leaving your home.

Here are some helpful tips when considering exterior lighting for your walkways, landscaping and home’s exterior.

Lighting Plan.

It’s always good to start with a plan and an idea of how you want to illuminate your property. If you need guidance, consider asking a landscape architect or exterior lighting specialist to help you plan out the lighting.

Lighting for Security.

Keeping your home secure and safe from intruders is an important priority. Good lighting around the entire perimeter of your home can be a deterrent in itself. Opt for lighting that looks beautiful, but also throws light a good distance away from your home.

This will help illuminate dark areas, and aid your vision to see outside from inside your home. If you have a large property, floodlights installed on the corners of your home will help project light further than average wall fixtures. Make sure the floodlights are well shielded.

Lighting for Safety.

Exterior lighting can help light up dark areas in front of your home, as well as avoid tripping hazards, like steps and other walkway challenges. When choosing safety lighting, walk around your home at night. Is the walkway from one area to another level easy to navigate, even on a totally moonless night? Take note of what areas need additional lighting.

If you have additions to your property like a swimming pool, exterior porch or entertaining space, ensure these areas are well lit as well.

Beautifying with Light.

From the front entry to your garage and around the perimeter of your home, exterior lighting can help set the tone and ambiance that your home deserves. When beautifying with light take into consideration the height of your home, architectural details, and landscaping amenities that you want to accentuate.

Placement of Lights

This is very important in any given lighting design. Up lighting is located at the ground level and directed upward, which can accentuate architectural features and landscape foliage. Down lighting is most commonly used for protection and safety. Lighting from above can increase visibility in large areas.

The best outdoor home lighting scheme will take all of the above into account and will combine form and function so that the lights that you choose will be as beautiful as they are necessary. Try and use green alternatives as they will help save energy and cost less in the long run.

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