Strata Council – The Five Main Delegated Roles And Their Responsibilities

A Strata council acts as the managing body of the strata corporation ensuring that it runs smoothly for the benefit of the owners. Its role is laid out in the Strata Property Act from which the legal roles and responsibilities of the strata are obtained.

Strata Councils are comprised of 5 main positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Privacy Officer. The number can vary between 3 and seven members as determined by the bylaws. The Council members are usually elected every year at the Annual General Meeting.

Almost any owner of individual representing an owner can be elected to be part of a strata council, with some exceptions. Strata council members can be removed from office by a majority vote of the owners at a general meeting. The replacement strata council member must be elected.

The president’s main role is facilitate and delegate, to chair all the meetings, hold the tie breaking vote at meetings where there is a deadlock in voting, and represent the strata when dealing with emergencies.

Vice President
Like in politics, the vice president’s role is to stand in for the president should the latter be unable to perform the required duties or away. A vice president should be aware of all the affairs of the strata council

A treasurer is responsible for maintaining the strata accounts and prepares the financial statements for meetings. A treasurer is also responsible for preparing the draft budget which is then reviewed and approved by the strata council.  

Because the minutes of a strata corporation are important public documents, a secretary must accurately record the proceedings of council meetings in the form of minutes and have them approved by the council. Other duties include sending out notices for meetings, preparing and handing out the meeting minutes and maintaining the attendance list. The secretary is often the contact person for the strata council.

Privacy Officer
A privacy officer has the duty of ensuring that its privacy policy is developed, implemented, and maintained. All the personal information that the strata corporation collects, uses and stores is maintained in an inventory by the privacy officer. All requests for access to and correction of personal information are carried out by the privacy officer.

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