The Death of The Dining Room?

Many families are still enjoying dinners together, but chances are they’re not taking place in those formal dining rooms of years gone by.

Instead, you’re likely to find families eating at large kitchen islands, desks in multi-functioning offices, on terraces, or in outdoor kitchens. In fact, any place equipped with a table and chairs (or bench) can host dinnertime.

So where are dining rooms today? Don’t feel sorry for them – they haven’t been abandoned completely. They’re just being used for other purposes.

Homeowners in pursuit of useful square footage are turning dining rooms into living areas or workspaces, particularly in cities and square-footage challenged homes. Interior designers are turning existing dining rooms into multi-function rooms, like lounges or bars or combinations of both.

Many new homes are avoiding the dining room altogether. In fact, formal dining rooms are being reincarnated architecturally. Architects and contractors are creating rooms that can quickly be “flipped” into dining areas, like offices where desks or shelving unit components fold down into dining tables, or living rooms where the coffee table extends and rises to seat six or more people in total comfort.

The traditional dining room may be gone, but it’s been reborn as a space where people can tailor their homes to their lifestyles. And maybe, like the kitchen that returned to its roots as the heart of the home, it’s an idea whose time has come.

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