The Virani Real Estate Advisor Brand – Bringing North American Real Estate Opportunities to Britain.

Real estate sales in our global village are not just limited to the domestic market. With the advent of the Internet and the convenience of air transportation, an increasing number of real estate transactions are cross border and even cross-continents. In North America, specifically Canada, there is no shortage of real estate opportunities to invest, buy and sell real estate domestically. 

With this in mind, 10 years ago we opened offices in the prestigious Knightsbridge area of London, England.  Our London office is instrumental in introducing qualified buyers from the UK to the Vancouver and Canadian real estate market.

Our experience has taught us that the attractive Canadian dollar, political stability and economic success have made Canada an attractive investment destination. Clients and potential clients prefer dealing with a company like ours that has considerable experience in dealing with local property, and well educated in global property transactions. 

Marketing has become the driving force behind selling properties at higher prices. In today’s highly competitive real estate market, a successful real estate company needs a team of marketing specialists that have the financial means to market your home properly.

Our company gives the same MLS exposure and traditional real estate marketing as other companies, and in the era of the real estate digital consumer where close to 90% of today’s homebuyers use the Internet in their real estate search, we have invested in an innovative proprietary real estate search engine  – THE VLIST Search.

All our listings at all price points use hi resolution photography and video with carefully crafted remarks.

The Virani brand is synonymous with quality and prestige, especially when it comes to marketing luxury real estate to our British clients.  We are experienced in helping buyers wherever they are located, find their ideal overseas property, whether for permanent relocation, a holiday home or a real estate investment. For further inquiries, please contact us.

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