Thinking of Planting A Tree? Early Spring is A Great Time.

If you plant a tree at the right time, it will thrive. Depending on which part of the world you live in, planting a tree has to be planned, so you get the most value from your landscaping investment. This article specifically addresses when to plant trees in areas with cold winters.

When is the best time to plant a tree?

The best time is when the tree has enough time to establish roots before it is exposed to stress factors like not enough water, freezing temperatures or high heat.
If you live in a warm climate, anytime of the year is ok, except for the hot summer.

In areas with cold winters, the best time is late winter or early spring just as the ground thaws. Since you can’t dig until the ground has warmed, your window of planting is limited to a few months before the ground freezes up again.

Planting trees in the fall can be too late, as the trees will not be able to survive the cold temperatures that can damage roots and stop the moisture from reaching the tree.

In the northern hemisphere there are 2 main types of trees:

Deciduous – dropping leaves in the fall

Evergreen – do not lose leaves due to change in seasons

When to plant deciduous trees?

Deciduous trees drop their leaves in the fall and enter dormancy. Handling them when they are dormant is least disruptive to them. They leave their state of dormancy in the spring when buds sprout from their branches. Keep them well watered even through winter.

When to plant evergreen trees?

There is more flexibility in planting evergreen trees. You can plant them in early fall or late spring – just about anytime that doesn’t see extreme hear.

Having mature trees on your property does add character and curb appeal.

Do you have any property related issues or questions? Please contact us. We can advise you on a property purchase/sale, a valuation or even a renovation. Our real estate professionals are always ready to help or advise you.

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