Vancouver Now Experiences Stage 2 Water Restrictions – What Does This Mean For Households?

Consider these facts:

  • We have experienced the hottest May and June on record. 
  • The water reservoir levels are at levels usually seen in late July and August.
  • The reservoir level is currently sitting at 79 percent and is receding at a much faster rate.
  • Water use across the region rose to about 33.5 billion litres in May, about 15 per cent higher than the same period last year.

In BC, the government has created a 4 stage drought rating system ( as shown in the image).  We have now moved to a Stage 2 restriction until September 30. If the drought persists, we can move into Stage 3 and Stage 4. Meanwhile, the region will carefully gauge how reservoir levels respond to the stage 2 measures.

So what happens in Stage 2 restrictions?

  • Residents will only be able to water their lawns once a week.
  • Municipalities will reduce the watering of playing fields, park lawns and boulevards to once a week.
  • Ornamental fountains will be turned off citywide.
  • Golf courses will only be allowed to water once a week.
  • Spray parks will be turned off.
  • There is a ban on the use of pressure washers and other hosing off of outdoor surfaces.
  • Hand watering of flowers, vegetable gardens and trees is still allowed.

It seems that the authorities are looking ahead and planning for a worsening situation, should it happen.

Meanwhile, please do your part in water conservation by limiting your usage of water.  Remember, if you do not comply, you can expect warnings, education, and in extreme cases, tickets.

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