Why You Should Trust An Experienced Real Estate Professional to Negotiate a Win-Win Deal For You.

When you buy a home, you are making one of the most important purchases of your life. And you place your trust in your real estate agent to make this landmark decision.

Your agent has gone through months of training and has passed difficult exams to ensure that he or she is working in your best interests. Strong negotiating skills are among the many reasons why you should use an agent. He or she has been specially trained in negotiations and has many years of experience putting this training into practice.

Here are some of the reasons you should trust your agent to bargain on your behalf:

While your agent wants to make the best deal possible for you, he or she knows that, by definition, negotiating requires some compromise to make it work. Both parties should emerge from negotiations feeling they’ve gotten a good deal – a win-win. By negotiating on your own, you may get carried away by your emotions, and this can be fateful.

The adage that everything is negotiable in real estate isn’t necessarily true. You don’t want to go for everything, because you may end up with nothing. Your agent will decide what should be kept and how much to give up in order to get the best deal.

Through years of dealing with sellers, your agent has the experience to correctly size up the seller, which can give you a major advantage during negotiations. Is the seller motivated and prepared to give concessions, or are there other offers waiting in the wings?

An important point is that your agent negotiates based on facts, not emotion. He or she can table a home inspector’s report proving that repairs are needed without recriminations and present stats to support your offer without arguing over value.

By using an experienced real estate professional, you can be sure that your agent’s negotiating skills will more than likely get you that deal. And chances are it will be a win-win.

If you are looking for an experienced real estate company to buy or sell your home, contact us and we will try and give you the best advice possible.

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